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Requests the Senate Fiscal Affairs staff to report annually on the state funding distributed to local government entities.

Requests the Senate Fiscal Affairs staff to report annually on the new statutory dedications created by the legislature that year.

Would have extended the Motion Picture Production Tax Credit and improved the program to ensure that the program incentivizes the creation of LOCAL jobs.

Amended a bill by Rep Abramson to add a requirement that the Department of Revenue perform a comprehensive return on investment (ROI) analysis for all tax incentive programs for which the state's revenue loss was $1M or more in the previous fiscal year and to rank order the incentive programs, based on ROI.  With over $7B in tax incentive programs given to businesses, we need to know which ones are the most effective in creating jobs and growing the state's economy.

Establishes a pilot program to utilize evidenced-based budgeting methodologies to invest in cost-effective programs with known positive outcomes in adult mental health.  A Feb 2018 audit found that we doubled our mental health funding from 2012 to 2016, yet only 40% of the $445M spent on mental health services in 2016 were on evidenced-based programs known to have positive results.  We need to adopt the best-practices of dozens of other states who have partnered with the Pew Foundation to instill a results-oriented rigor to investment decisions.

Requires the Medicaid subcommittee to review their quarterly forecasts with the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget.

Authored a Medicaid transparency bill which established the Medicaid Subcommittee and requires them to provide quarterly forecast and cost data to assist the Legislature in developing and managing the budget.  With 40 cents of every state dollar being spent on healthcare, managing the state's healthcare expenses is critical.

Requests that the Revenue Estimating Conference include dedicated funds and fees/self-generated revenues in the long-range forecast.

Improved the work and processes of the Dedicated Funds Review Sub-Committee.

Eliminated a number of dedicated funds, requiring those entities to compete for State General Funds and allowing the legislature to prioritize funding that meets the needs of today’s citizens, rather than the priorities from decades ago.

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