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Requires approval by the legislature prior to the sale of a publicly-owned hospital.

Helped address a shortage of certified medication attendants for the disabled community by eliminating the state residency requirement.  

Reorganized the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf to provide them more autonomy.  I proudly serve on this Board.

Provided more clarity around the waiver program for the disability community.

Aligned funding for waiver programs for developmentally disabled citizens with new tiered waiver program.  Efforts in 2018 resulted in an additional $19M in funding for disabled community, citizens with highest needs receiving new waivers, and pay increases for support workers performing complex tasks.

Requests the Louisiana Department of Health to provide data on able-bodied Medicaid recipients and to report on the Medicaid community engagement and work requirement programs in other states.

Would have promoted community engagement and work requirements for able-bodied Medicaid Expansion recipients, many of whom dropped their private insurance to qualify for Medicaid.  While Medicaid funding for low-income, able-bodied citizens is unlimited, thousands of disabled and elderly citizens have died while on waiting lists for Medicaid services.  Medicaid was never intended to be a lifelong healthcare program for able-bodied adults, but rather a safety net for those who really need it. 

Creates the Medicaid Estimating Conference, which I co-chair, to develop the official forecast of the Medicaid program for the purposes of budget development.  With Medicaid being 40% of the state’s budget, engaging healthcare economists in forecasting the Medicaid budget and having more legislative oversight is critical to ensuring that the program is neither overfunded nor underfunded.

Requested that the Department of Health add Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) to the state’s newborn screening panel, which has allowed newborns to receive early, life-changing treatment for this debilitating disease.

Acknowledges the right of parents to decide whether to vaccinate a child for COVID-19 and the role of the state in providing information to allow parents to make an informed decision.

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