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Next to the definition of “resilient” in the dictionary, you will find the word “Louisiana.”  The people in our state are among the most resilient I have ever known.  We don’t quit.  As Governor, I will support investments and policies that will make your fight a little easier. I will continue the roughly $1B investment we are making in coastal restoration and protection projects every year to protect our coastal residents from repeated floods.  And I will work with our Congressional delegation to address the huge flood insurance increases many homeowners are experiencing with the revised NFIP 2.0 program that unfairly penalizes Louisiana citizens.

Our homeowners also need more affordable home insurance.  I support building code improvements that make our homes and businesses more hurricane resilient.  We will reward those who invest in fortified roofs and other improvements with reduced insurance premiums as a result of legislation that I and others authored this legislative session.  As Governor, I will bring more insurance companies back to Louisiana, lowering the premiums for everyone
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Senator Hewitt has:

  • Supported the investment of $1B per year in coastal restoration and protection projects across south Louisiana.
  • Requested CPRA and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to cooperate in developing projects and programs to enhance the oyster industry, particularly in light of the impact on the industry with the planned Mississippi River diversions. (SCR 56 of 2020 RS).
  • Created the Lower Pearl River Basin (LPRB) Task Force to study the conditions, needs, issues, and funding relative to flood protection and preservation of the LPRB. Major accomplishments to date include funding to eliminate the log jam near Bogalusa and to remove the sills near Locks 1 and 2 and coordinated opposition to the One Lake project upstream in Jackson, MS.  (SR 219 of 2017 RS, SCR 114 of 2019 RS, SCR 51 or 2020 RS, SCR 83 or 2021 RS, and SR 142 of 2023 RS).
  • Requested the oil and gas industry in Louisiana to provide access to 3D seismic data interpretations to support work on land subsidence modeling that will allow for more informed decisions on sustainable coastal restoration programs, flood protection structures, and state highways/bridges. This work will result in the creation of a Fault Atlas and will have a major impact on the Coastal Master Plan, the Highway Priority Program and other infrastructure programs. (SR 86 of 2018 RS).
  • Provided an exception for portions of the Comite River, Pearl River, Tchefuncte River, Bogue Falaya River, Abita River, Amite River, and Bayou Manchac from provisions of the natural and scenic rivers program to allow rivers to be snagged and cleared. (Act 189 of 2017 RS, co-authored). 
  • Initiated the development of floodplain management plans for each watershed in Louisiana that will allow us to study construction or maintenance impacts, including channelization, dredging, and clearing and snagging activities, upon river basins in the state. This work resulted in the creation of the Watershed Initiative.  Major accomplishments to date include the receipt of $1.3B in Federal funding, the completion of a hydrology model for the Amite, a comprehensive plan to model the rest of the rivers, and numerous construction or maintenance projects on our many rivers to reduce flooding. (SR 172 of 2017 RS, co-authored).
  • Requested the Department of Transportation and Development to study the privatization of ferry operations throughout the state. (SR 132 of 2021).
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