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“Over the last decade, Louisiana’s population grew at a modest rate of 3%, while the states around us grew 10% during the same time period. Since 2020, we have experienced an out-migration of residents who are leaving for greener pastures in states like Texas and Florida. What do those states have that we don’t? They have a booming economy buffeted with zero state income tax, a less litigious legal climate, and a more business-friendly environment. As Governor, I will eliminate the ties binding the hands of our businesses so they can create quality jobs and grow our state’s economy.” -- Sharon Hewitt 

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Zero state income tax

The tax reform legislation enacted in 2021 put Louisiana on a smart path of lower personal income and corporate tax rates that will automatically reduce rates as the economy continues to improve.  They work hand in hand.  As Governor, I will simplify our tax system and provide long-term predictability to our businesses who are choosing to stay in Louisiana or considering a relocation to Louisiana, as we work our way to zero state income tax.

End frivolous lawsuits through tort reform

Louisiana has had a reputation for being a litigious state for as long as anyone can remember.  The billboard lawyers remind us every day.  And while I worked with the Supreme Court to rein in some of this lawyer advertising, it isn’t enough.  After I’m elected, I will convene a task force to identify opportunities to shift Louisiana away from our plaintiff-friendly laws and make us more competitive with other states by signing into law strong tort reform legislation.  Frivolous lawsuits are an unnecessary cost to businesses and a deterrent to working here.   I will continue the civil justice reforms of 2020 and pass common sense limitations on tort lawsuits.

Eliminate barriers to business growth

As Governor, I will eliminate many of the licensing requirements that are a barrier to entrepreneurs and do not improve safety.  I will streamline our permitting operations, shorten the cycle time between application and approval, and create one-stop-shop processes to be more customer-focused and business-friendly.  I will make it EASY to do business in Louisiana.
State of Louisiana in red


Sharon Hewitt not only talks about cutting taxes she voted numerous times to cut onerous taxes on our businesses and reduce tax brackets for individuals.  She’s voted to streamline sales tax collections and phase out the corporate franchise tax.  And Sharon supported the Civil Justice Reform Act of 2020 to reign in frivolous lawsuits driving away companies doing business in Louisiana.

As a State Senator, Sharon Hewitt has:

  • Voted to reduce state income tax rates on individuals and corporations.
  • Voted to phase out the corporate franchise tax.
  • Voted for legislation to reform and streamline the state’s sales tax administration to provide more fairness and certainty in how the state administers sales tax laws.
  • Voted against increases in state sales tax.
  • Limited liability of persons who provide relief or recovery equipment or services during a declared state of emergency, such as COVID-19 . (Act 303 of 2020 RS.)
  • Eliminated the seatbelt gag rule, which prevented juries from being told that individuals injured in a car accident were not wearing their seatbelts, reducing judgements and ultimately insurance premiums, which are the second highest in the nation. (Act 36 of 2020 1st Extraordinary Session)
  • Reduced attorney billboard ads by implementing a lawyer advertisement review recognition program. (SCR 57 of 2020 RS).
  • Prohibited credit reporting agencies from charging a fee to place, reinstate, temporarily lift, or revoke a security freeze on one's credit report. (Act 233 of 2018 RS.)
  • Improved the state’s cybersecurity network.  (Act 117 of 2020 RS).
State of Louisiana in red

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