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From healthcare companies to technology companies, whether they are large corporations or family-owned businesses, everyone is struggling to find people who want to work.  Our workforce participation rate in Louisiana is one of the lowest in the country.  For Louisiana’s economy to thrive and for us to put Louisiana citizens to work in high paying jobs, we need to build the skilled workforce that our current and future employers need. 

Today’s students want more flexibility and innovation in their high school, community and technical college, and university offerings that are responsive to today’s quickly-evolving job market through dual-enrollment, apprenticeships, and industry-based certifications while in high school.  As Governor, I will continue to champion TOPS, TOPS Tech, and the Foster Promise Program because today’s students do not fit the one-size-fits-all model.  Let’s stop the brain-drain and give our students and young adults a reason to stay in Louisiana, with multiple pathways to success.

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Senator Hewitt has:

  • Established sexual harassment prevention policies and training for public servants and have held elected and appointed officials to a high standard. (Act 270 of 2018 RS, SB 204 2018 RS.)
  • Protected taxpayer dollars by requiring the state in certain circumstances to recoup all or a portion of the judgement or settlement from the alleged sexual harasser when there has been a valid claim of sexual harassment by a state employee. (Act 413 of 2019 RS.)
  • Allowed some state boards and commissions to meet remotely, increasing transparency and public input, and allowing more participation from the disabled community. (Act 393 of 2023 RS).
  • Allowed public bodies to hold meetings electronically during gubernatorial declared emergencies or disasters. (Act 302 of 2020 RS).
  • Amended Senate rules to permit members to vote via video or other electronic means during a declared emergency. (SR 45 of 2020 RS).
  • Required boards and commissions that issue licenses and permits to provide a quarterly report about consumer complaints to the Legislative Auditor and the legislative committee responsible for oversight. (SB 171 of 2019 RS – Vetoed by Governor).
  • Clarified the definition of public records relative to engineering drawings submitted by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal to the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board or the State Board of Architectural Examiners for review. (Act 357 of 2018 RS).
  • Provided for a review of the usefulness of each executive branch report on its 5th year anniversary to determine whether staff time can be reduced by eliminating a report that the recipients no longer read or need. (Act 572 of 2018 RS).
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