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“Skyrocketing insurance costs is the single biggest concern facing homeowners in Louisiana, causing many families to face the prospect of walking away from their homes because they can’t afford the insurance.  I will address this challenge head on.” – Sharon Hewitt

Lower property insurance rates

Our homeowners need more affordable home insurance.  Immediately after being sworn in as Governor, I will call the legislature into a special session to solve our insurance crisis by addressing our broken regulatory environment and litigious climate that prevents companies from wanting to work in Louisiana.  I will support strong building code improvements that make our homes and businesses more hurricane resilient and reward those who invest in fortified roofs and other improvements with reduced insurance premiums.  As Governor, I will bring more insurance companies back to Louisiana, lowering the premiums for everyone.

Affordable flood insurance

I will work with our Congressional delegation to address the huge flood insurance increases many homeowners are experiencing with the revised NFIP 2.0 program that unfairly penalizes Louisiana citizens.

Affordable automobile insurance

I will take on the trial lawyers who have successfully stalled meaningful tort reform work in the legislature to lower automobile insurance rates and will finish the work I began in 2018 to implement common-sense legal reforms to make insurance affordable for citizens, businesses, and our trucking industry.


State of Louisiana in red


Insurance isn’t higher in Louisiana just because we have more hurricanes than other states.  Insurance costs are high because our regulations and litigious environment are a deterrent to businesses wanting to work here.  Sharon has already pushed for changes in the status quo to attract more companies to our state. And she has taken on the trial lawyers on legal reforms when others were unwilling to do so, to reduce judgements, settlements and ultimately your premiums.

As a State Senator, Sharon Hewitt has:

  • Required insurance companies to reduce insurance premiums, based on actuarially based data, for homes and businesses with fortified roofs or other hurricane mitigation measures.  (Act 45 of 2023 RS).

  • Voted in support of grant programs to encourage homeowners to add fortified roofs.

  • Voted in support of incentives to encourage more insurance companies to write policies in Louisiana.

  • Urged Congress to bring more transparency to the NFIB Flood Risk 2.0 Program and to make flood insurance more affordable for Louisiana citizens.

  • Voted for regulatory reforms in the insurance industry that will make Louisiana more competitive with other states.

  • Eliminated the seatbelt gag rule, which prevented juries from being told that individuals injured in a car accident were not wearing their seatbelts, which will reduce judgements and ultimately automobile insurance premiums, which are the second highest in the nation.  (Act 36 of 2020 1st Extraordinary Session, SB 382 of 2018 RS, SB 148 of 2019 RS, and SB 12 of 2020 RS )

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