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From healthcare companies to technology companies, whether they are large corporations or family-owned businesses, everyone is struggling to find people who want to work.  Our workforce participation rate in Louisiana is one of the lowest in the country.  For Louisiana’s economy to thrive and for us to put Louisiana citizens to work in high paying jobs, we need to build the skilled workforce that our current and future employers need. 

Today’s students want more flexibility and innovation in their high school, community and technical college, and university offerings that are responsive to today’s quickly-evolving job market through dual-enrollment, apprenticeships, and industry-based certifications while in high school.  As Governor, I will continue to champion TOPS, TOPS Tech, and the Foster Promise Program because today’s students do not fit the one-size-fits-all model.  Let’s stop the brain-drain and give our students and young adults a reason to stay in Louisiana, with multiple pathways to success.

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Senator Hewitt has:

  • Led a 6-year effort to eliminate hundreds of millions of dollars of statutorily dedicated funds that are preferentially funded, rather than having to compete for state general funds on a level playing field with other important priorities. The legislature should prioritize funding that meets the needs of today’s citizens, rather than the priorities from decades ago. (Act 355 of 2017 RS, SR 175 of 2017 RS, Act 612 of 2018 RS, Act 404 of 2019 RS, SCR 96 of 2019 RS, Act 119 of 2020 RS.)
  • Established a Medicaid Estimating Conference to improved forecasting of Medicaid expenses. With over 40 cents of every state dollar being spent on healthcare, managing the state's healthcare expenses is critical. (Act 586 of 2016 RS, Act 651 of 2018 RS, Act 347 of 2020 RS.) 
  • Required the Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Education, the Louisiana Department of Health, and the Louisiana Workforce Commission to report to the legislature annually regarding the agency's policies and processes for identifying and eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse in certain government-funded programs. (Act 542 of 2022 RS).
  • Established a pilot program to utilize evidenced-based budgeting methodologies to invest in cost-effective programs with known positive outcomes in adult mental health. (Act 387 of 2017 RS.)
  • Added a requirement to perform a comprehensive return on investment (ROI) analysis for all tax incentive programs for which the state's revenue loss was $1M or more in the previous fiscal year and to rank order the incentive programs, based on ROI. With over $7B in tax incentive programs given to businesses, we need to know which ones are the most effective (and which ones are not) in creating jobs and growing the state's economy.  (Act 87 of 2018 RS, amendment)
  • Requested an annual report on the state funding distributed to local government entities. (SR 174 of 2017 RS)
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